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猪脸识别来了! 未来将带来怎样的颠覆?‘皇冠app下载安装’

发布时间:2024-06-05 点击量:386
本文摘要:The Chinese company Yingzi has launched its technology for facial recognition of pigs.近日,中国企业影子发售了“猪脸辨识技术”。


The Chinese company Yingzi has launched its technology for facial recognition of pigs.近日,中国企业影子发售了“猪脸辨识技术”。In a live connection, the press was invited to attend how a company employee scanned a pig head with an app on his mobile phone.在一场现场直播中,新闻媒体应邀参与该公司员工用手机上的应用程序展开猪头扫瞄的活动。

As soon as the animal was recognised, all data were shown on screen.在辨识已完成之后,所有适当的数据都表明在了屏幕上。The technology is useful for breeding purposes, as well as feeding, pig house climate, management and animal health purposes. 该技术主要用作选育、圈养、养猪场气候、管理和动物公共卫生等用途。

Especially on the basis of a deviating bodily temperature, an animal with health problems can be noticed quicker and a treatment can be started sooner.特别是在体温背离的基础上,有身体健康问题的动物可以更加慢地被找到,而且可以更慢地开始化疗。At the press conference in Guangzhou, China, Yingzi confirmed that the development of the product hasnt been finished yet at this stage. The scanning process of the pigs head needs improvement; and it isnt yet possible to identify entire groups. The company is working on this.在中国广州举办的新闻发布会上,影子公司证实该产品的研发在现阶段还没已完成。



Nevertheless, the Chinese company is convinced that its Big Data technology will lead to a revolution in pig production.尽管如此,这家中国企业相信其可观的数据技术将变革猪的养殖模式。