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本文摘要:We have entered a new age of embedded, intuitive computing in which our homes, cars, stores, farms, and factories have the ability to think, sense, understand, and respond to our needs. Its not science fiction, but the dawn of a new era.我们正在踏入可穿着、直觉式计算出来的新时代。


We have entered a new age of embedded, intuitive computing in which our homes, cars, stores, farms, and factories have the ability to think, sense, understand, and respond to our needs. Its not science fiction, but the dawn of a new era.我们正在踏入可穿着、直觉式计算出来的新时代。房屋、汽车、商店、农场、工厂,这些东西都将不具备思维、感官和行动的能力。这不是科幻小说中的场景,而是我们将要转入的新时代。

Most people might not realize it yet, but we are already feeling the impact of whats known as the third wave of computing. In small but significant ways it is helping us live safer, healthier, and more secure lives. If you drive a 2014 Mercedes Benz, for example, an intelligent system endeavors to keep you from hitting a pedestrian. A farmer in Nigeria relies on weather sensors that communicate with his mobile device. Forgot your medication? A new pill bottle from AdhereTech reminds you via text or automated phone messages that its time to take a pill.大多数人有可能还没意识到,我们早已感受到第三次计算机革命的影响。它正在微小、然而却明显地协助我们过上更加安全性、更加身体健康、更加平稳的生活。



而AdhereTech发售的新款药瓶则能通过短信或自动电话facebook的方式,警告用户如期服药。Technology is being integrated into our natural behaviors, with real-time data connecting our physical and digital worlds. With this dramatic shift in our relationship to technology, companies can adapt their products and services.科技于是以带入我们的一言一行,动态数据于是以将我们的现实世界和数字世界联系在一起。我们与技术的关系再次发生了极大的转变,企业可以据此调整自己的产品和服务。

We already see cities growing smarter by installing sensors to automate the management of parking spaces. To enhance urban security, acoustic sensors coupled with audio and GPS analytics listen to pinpoint the location of gunfire. Within 30 seconds, dispatchers can determine the number of shooters, the shots fired, and even the type of weapon used.我们看见:通过加装传感器,智能城市的管理者们可以更佳地规划停车位。而声音传感器是市政安全性领域的高手,它们可以通过声音和GPS精确定位枪声的方位。

只需将近半分钟,安全性调度员们就能得知射杀者的人数和枪杀次数,甚至是枪的型号。Consider health care. Wearable devices allow us to monitor our steps, our sleep patterns, and our calorie intake to ensure we are following doctors orders and meeting our personal goals. Parents of newborns can try a diaper that has a humidity sensor that tweets when its time for a change.再行来想到身体健康领域。我们能从可穿着设备上监控自己的运动、睡眠中和卡路里消耗等信息,从而保证自己没违反医生的命令,或是正在努力实现个人身体健康目标。


父母们则可以给新生儿穿着上具有湿度传感器的内衣,它能在必须替换时发出声响警告我们。To understand how revolutionary the third wave is, we ought to consider how far we have come. The first wave began when companies started to manage their operations via mainframe computer systems over 50 years ago. Then computing got personal in the 1980s and 90s with the introduction of the PC. For the most part, computing remained immobile and lacked contextual awareness.第三次计算机革命的意义到底如何?我们不妨回过头来想到历史。第一次是50年前,大型机系统转入公司管理运营领域。


上世纪80年代和90年代,随着PC机问世,计算机转入“个人”时代。但总体而言,“计算出来”缺少移动性,而且不那么智能。In computings second wave, mobile computing and the smartphone took center stage. Billions of people, some who might not have had access to clean water, electricity, or even housing, were connected. Developers created apps and provided consumers with access to just about everything through their phone at the cost of a monthly data plan.第二次计算机革命后期,移动计算出来和智能手机开始占有主导。


As the third wave gains momentum, designers must meet the demands of clients who want to experiment with new tech.随着第三次计算机革命的突飞猛进,设计师们必需符合消费者大大尝试新技术的市场需求。Historically, designers have focused their attention on a products form and function. While that still matters, of course, the definition of a meaningful user experience has expanded significantly and will continue to do so. Instead of creating a single product, designers will need to imagine a suite of connected products and services that have awareness of each other and their surroundings.在此之前,设计师们的焦点是产品的外形和功能。

当然,这些现在仍是不可或缺的要素,但用户体验的重要性日益凸现,并将在未来起着决定性的起到。打造出单一产品的时代早已过去,设计师们必须结构出有一整套相互关联的产品和服务,还要让它们需要互相感官、相互配合。Stake a claim now, we tell companies, in the space where digital and physical disappear, and products and services mimic and react to our natural behaviors.我们告诉他企业,现在就要跑马圈地,攻占这个消弥了数字世界与现实世界界限的空间。在这个空间里,产品和服务仿真我们的大自然不道德并对其作出反应。