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本文摘要:China has begun rolling out new surveillance software capable of recognising people simply by the way that they walk.中国开始发售新型监控软件,它只必须监测人们走路的方式就能辨识个人身份。

China has begun rolling out new surveillance software capable of recognising people simply by the way that they walk.中国开始发售新型监控软件,它只必须监测人们走路的方式就能辨识个人身份。The gait recognition technology, developed by Chinese artificial intelligence firm Watrix, is capable of identifying individuals from the shape and movement of their silhouette from up to 50 metres away, even if their face is hidden.这种“步态辨识”技术是由中国人工智能公司银河水滴科技公司(Watrix)研发的。即使行人的面部被遮盖了,它也可以根据50米以内行人影子的形状和活动辨识个人身份。


The system is currently being used by police in Beijing and Shanghai and adds to the countrys formidable surveillance network that includes an estimated 170 million CCTV cameras.目前北京和上海警方早已在用于这套系统,而且它还被取出中国强劲的监控网络中,可以覆盖面积近1.7亿个监控摄像头。The software can be used on footage from standard surveillance cameras, however it does not currently work in real-time. Instead, the footage is analysed once it is recorded, which takes approximately 10 minutes.该软件可以监测标准监控摄像头的倒数镜头,不过它并非即时生效,而是通过分析纪录下来的影像来得出结论结果,这必须约10分钟的时间。You dont need peoples cooperation for us to be able to recognise their identity, Watrix CEO Huang Yongzhen said.“你不必须行人因应我们就可以辨识他们的身份,”银河水滴科技公司总裁黄永祯说。


Gait analysis cant be fooled by simply limping, walking with splayed feet or hunching over, because were analysing all the features of the entire body.“步态分析会被非常简单的跛行、外八字或弓着腰走路所中伤,因为我们分析的是整个身体的特点。”Previous surveillance initiatives include a so-called spy bird programme that uses dove-like drones to monitor populations from the skies.先前的监控方案还有一种被称作“间谍鸟”的程序,它可以通过像鸽子一样的无人机来从空中监控人群。China is also in the process of introducing a controversial social credit system, aimed at reinforcing the idea that keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful, according to a government document.据中国政府的一份文件认为,中国还在引进一种倍受争议的“社会信用体系”,目的强化人们“长胜光荣,明知不负责任”的观念。

Set to be fully operational by 2020, the programme ranks citizens by their behaviour – such as parking violations and jaywalking – in order to determine who is most worthy of the best social housing and schooling for their children.该方案计划于2020年全面实施,通过市民违规行驶或乱穿马路等不道德来为其名列,以此辨别谁更加有一点为孩子自由选择最差的社会福利住房和学校。