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Apple Pay遭遇零售商联盟抵制|crown新体育app

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本文摘要:One week after its debut, Apple’s new mobile wallet is showing promise with consumers.亮相一周后,苹果(Apple)的全新移动钱包在更有消费者方面展现出了美好前景。

One week after its debut, Apple’s new mobile wallet is showing promise with consumers.亮相一周后,苹果(Apple)的全新移动钱包在更有消费者方面展现出了美好前景。Apple’s rivals in the payments industry, meanwhile, are scrambling to prevent it from being too successful.与此同时,苹果在缴纳业的竞争对手正在应急行动起来,设法制止它显得过于顺利。Even before Apple Pay was announced, a coalition of retailers refused to accept it in their stores. More than 50 companies make up this group, the so-called Merchant Customer Exchange or MCX, including global retail giants like Walmart, Best Buy and Gap Inc.在苹果宣告要发售Apple Pay之前,一个零售商联盟早已拒绝接受在其门店中拒绝接受它了。

这个取名为“商家客户交易”(Merchant Customer Exchange,全称MCX)的的组织有50多家公司成员,还包括沃尔玛(Walmart)、百思买(Best Buy)和Gap等全球巨头。It’s not that these companies don’t want a mobile wallet to truly catch on with consumers. They see the mobile wallet as a way to help retailers understand more about their customers’ shopping habits and, potentially, let merchants avoid the high fees they pay when processing credit card transactions.这些公司并非不想一个能确实更有消费者的移动钱包。在它们显然,移动钱包是一种协助零售商更佳地理解顾客购物习惯的办法,并且有可能让商户回避信用卡交易中必须交纳的高额费用。But they are working on building a competitor, CurrentC, a mobile wallet app that will connect directly to customers’ bank accounts or store-specific credit card. It won’t be available until 2015.但是它们在研发一种和Apple Pay互为抗衡的移动钱包应用于CurrentC,这种应用于不会必要和顾客的银行账号或针对明确商户的信用卡初始化。

它最少之前2015年才能发售。The problem is that under the terms of their MCX contractual agreement, they are not supposed to accept competing mobile payments products like Apple Pay, according to multiple retailers involved with MCX, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. If these retailers break their contracts, they will face steep fines for doing so, these people said.问题是,据多家归属于MCX的零售商称之为,根据MCX的合同规定,他们是不可以拒绝接受Apple Pay这种竞争对手的移动支付产品的,这些商家拒绝在本文中电子邮件。他们说道,一旦违背合同规定,不会遭高额罚款。Since Apple Pay was introduced a week ago, consumers have tried to use it in MCX members like Rite Aid and CVS. So those businesses have disabled the technology that supports Apple Pay.Apple Pay是一周前发售的,自那以后有消费者企图在Rite Aid和CVS等MCX会员商户用于它。


这些商户因此早已停止使用了反对Apple Pay的技术。For weeks, Walmart and Best Buy have said they will not support Apple’s payments product. And Target, which has partnered with Apple for online payments, does not accept Apple Pay in its stores.几周来沃尔玛和百思买仍然在说道,他们会反对苹果的缴纳产品。在在线缴纳上与苹果有合作的塔吉特(Target),在其门店是不拒绝接受Apple Pay的。


At stake is the future of how consumers choose to pay for things, with technology companies, credit card businesses and retailers all fighting for a piece of what may become a $90 billion mobile payments market, according to projections from Forrester.此事牵涉到消费者缴纳方式的未来,据弗雷斯特(Forrester)的预计,移动支付将构成一个900亿美元(约合5506亿元人民币)的市场,科技公司、信用卡商家和零售商都期望能分给一勺羹。But the clock is ticking. If Apple Pay becomes a hit, MCX member retailers still waiting on CurrentC to begin could miss out on untold mobile payment transactions. Merchants also risk customer resentment if they continue to refuse Apple Pay. And if Apple Pay catches on, consumers may not be interested in a competing product.但是时间平均人。如果Apple Pay大获得顺利,还在等CurrentC的MCX零售商成员错失的移动支付交易是无法估量的。

如果商户之后拒绝接受Apple Pay,还有有可能招来顾客的愤恨。而一旦Apple Pay普及一起,消费者有可能就会想要去尝试与之竞争的产品了。“These retailers are in a real jam,” said Karen Webster, chief executive of Market Platform Dynamics, a payments industry consulting firm. “The last thing merchants want is ticking off their consumers over payment,” Ms. Webster said.“这些零售商有大麻烦了,”缴纳业咨询公司市场平台动态(Market Platform Dynamics)首席执行官凯伦·韦伯斯特(Karen Webster)说道。

“因为缴付方式的问题激怒顾客是商家最不不愿看见的事。”First announced in 2012, CurrentC is an effort by merchants to build their ideal mobile wallet. CurrentC is designed to link directly to a customer’s bank account instead of a credit card. This is a strategic move, analysts say; in bypassing the credit card companies, merchants can avoid the high fees that they are required to pay on each credit transaction they process.将发售CurrentC的消息是2012年宣告的,此举的意图是打造出一种商家的理想移动钱包。

按照CurrentC的设计,应用于是和顾客的银行账户必要连接起来的,而不是信用卡。分析人士说道,这是一个战略措施;跨过信用卡公司后,商户可以避免每次展开信用交易时产生的高额费用。“Retailers are looking for a combination of factors to adopt in stores,” said Mallory Duncan, senior vice president of the National Retail Federation, a retail advocacy group. “And that includes if it delivers a good price to hold down costs for them and their customers.”“零售商在找寻一种门店须要考虑到的各项因素的人组,”零售提倡的组织美国零售联合会(National Retail Federation)高级副总裁什罗伊·邓肯(Mallory Duncan)说道。“这其中还包括它否能给一个好价钱,老大商户和顾客降低成本。


”CurrentC would also give retailers the ability to track shopping habits across the dozens of stores that belong to MCX, a data set that has traditionally been held by credit card companies, not merchants. If retailers had access to this data, it could be used to deliver relevant deals and loyalty points to consumers, which could increase these companies’ bottom lines.CurrentC还让商家可以对顾客在MCX旗下所有商户的购物习惯展开追踪,这两组数据一般来说是由信用卡公司而非商家掌控的。如果零售商能获得这个数据,就可以用它来发售定位精确的广告宣传活动和分数,从而未来将会减少公司的收益。That could also amount to in-store experiences centered on the smartphone, an area in which Walmart, one of the biggest partners in MCX, has increasingly dabbled in recent years.同时它还有可能营造一种以智能手机为中心的购物体验,作为MCX仅次于的合作伙伴之一,沃尔玛近年来仍然在试水这个领域。

“MCX is studying how to make sure all of the things that a customer wants to do in a store can be facilitated in a conscious way,” said Steve Mott, owner of BetterBuyDesign, a payments industry consulting firm.“MCX正在研究如何有意识地让顾客在一个商店里做到的所有事都便捷一起,”缴纳业咨询公司BetterBuyDesign所有人史蒂夫·莫特(Steve Mott)说道。Unlike Apple Pay, CurrentC is months away from beginning. When it is finally introduced, there is no guarantee it will take off.和Apple Pay有所不同的是,CurrentC还要再行过数月才能落成。即使等到最后发售,也无法确保不会普及一起。

Critics of CurrentC say it appears much more difficult to use than Apple Pay. Instead of contactless payment technology, CurrentC will rely on QR codes, a type of bar code that merchants scan to complete the transaction. It will also be an app that users must find and download from Apple’s App store.对CurrentC所持抨击态度的人说道,它看上去比Apple Pay难用很多。CurrentC没用于需要认识的缴纳技术,而是依赖QR码,商家通过扫瞄这种条形码来已完成交易。

同时它也是一个应用于,用户必需到苹果的应用于商店上寻找并iTunes它。Apple Pay, on the other hand, relies on so-called near-field communication technology built into every iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. In contrast to using CurrentC, customers are not required to open an app or even unlock their iPhones when using Apple Pay.而Apple Pay则依赖所有iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus内置的所谓将近场通讯技术。


和CurrentC有所不同的是,顾客在用于Apple Pay时不用关上一个应用于,甚至不必把他们的iPhone关卡。Mobile payments are still very young in commerce and shopping. In 2013, mobile proximity payments in the United States amounted to $1.6 billion, according to eMarketer, an industry research firm. That is but a fraction of the $4.26 trillion spent in brick-and-mortar stores that year.移动支付在商贸和购物领域依然是个新鲜事物。产业研究公司eMarketer的数据表明,2013年美国的近距离移动支付总额为16亿美元。

比起当年实体商铺内缴纳总额的4.26万亿美元只是个零头。And while many industry experts expect mobile payments to rise over the next five years, there is no guarantee that consumers will find mobile wallets any more convenient than paying with cash or a credit card. Google’s payments product, Google Wallet, famously flopped after its introduction in 2011. PayPal’s mobile wallet options have failed to truly catch on as well.虽然很多业界专家预计移动支付在未来五年里不会有快速增长,但消费者否不会指出移动钱包比现金或信用卡更加便捷,却很难说。谷歌(Google)在2011年发售的缴纳产品Google Wallet是个知名的告终案例。

贝宝(PayPal)的移动钱包方案也未能确实普及一起。Still, many say they believe that if any company is able to widely influence consumer behavior, it’s Apple. And if that is the case, MCX may have picked the wrong mobile wallet to back.不过,很多人还是指出,如果说有什么公司能对消费行为产生深远影响的话,那就是苹果了。如果感叹如此,MCX有可能反对了一个错误的移动钱包。

“When these contracts were signed several years ago, no one knew about Apple Pay, or what mobile wallets were going to look like,” Ms. Webster said. “It just didn’t have the same sort of consumer froth around it.”“几年前投这些合约的时候,大家都不告诉有Apple Pay,也不告诉移动钱包应当是个什么样子,”韦伯斯特说道。“CurrentC可是没这种让消费者热议的魅力。