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本文摘要:WhatsApp is changing its privacy policy to allow businesses to message its billion-plus users, opening up a potential revenue stream for the Facebook-owned app.WhatsApp即将转变其隐私政策,容许企业向其10多亿用户发送到消息,为这家Facebook旗下应用于修筑一条潜在收益来源。


WhatsApp is changing its privacy policy to allow businesses to message its billion-plus users, opening up a potential revenue stream for the Facebook-owned app.WhatsApp即将转变其隐私政策,容许企业向其10多亿用户发送到消息,为这家Facebook旗下应用于修筑一条潜在收益来源。The policy shake-up — the first since it was acquired by Facebook in early 2014 — will allow companies to send messages that many people now receive by SMS.这是自WhatsApp自2014年初被Facebook并购以后首次展开的根本性政策变动,该要求将容许企业向许多现在通过短信(SMS)拒绝接受消息的人发送到消息。

WhatsApp plans to test these new services, such as fraud alerts from banks and updates from airlines on delayed flights, in the next few months.WhatsApp计划在接下来几个月测试这些新的服务,比如银行收到的欺诈警报,航空公司改版航班延后。But the company said it would not put so-called banner adverts in messages. 但该公司回应会把所谓的横幅广告放到消息里。It reiterated that its end-to-end encryption meant it did not have access to the content of messages nor did it regularly store metadata on who contacts whom.WhatsApp申明,其末端到末端加密意味著它看到消息内容,它也会常态化存储有关谁在跟谁联系的元数据。“We want to explore ways for you to communicate with businesses that matter to you, while still giving you an experience without third-party banner ads and spam,” it said in a blog post.WhatsApp在一篇博客中回应:“我们期望探寻各种方式,让你同对你最重要的企业维持交流,同时依然给你一种没第三方横幅广告或垃圾信息的体验。


”The new privacy policy will allow Facebook’s main app to use the phone number a user provides to WhatsApp to allow marketers to target advertisements. 新的隐私政策将容许Facebook的主要应用于用于用户获取给WhatsApp的电话号码,容许营销者投入定向广告。The number used by WhatsApp will become part of an existing database that can be anonymously matched with companies’ own customer lists to create an audience to show a particular marketing message.WhatsApp的用户电话号码将沦为现有数据库的一部分,该数据库可以与企业自有客户名单展开电子邮件给定,从而建构一个受众群体,须向其展出特定营销信息。


Facebook will also be able to use the number to suggest friends to add and to track whether a user has both WhatsApp and the Facebook app on their phone.Facebook也将可以用于这一号码建议加到朋友,或跟踪一位用户否在手机上同时装有WhatsApp和Facebook应用于。This is the first time that WhatsApp has shared any user data with its parent. 这是WhatsApp首次与母公司分享用户数据。

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $22bn, some feared that the social network would change the privacy policy, mine its data or start showing adverts to users in their messaging stream.当Facebook以220亿美元并购WhatsApp时,就有人担忧这家社交网络不会转变隐私政策,挖出其数据,或开始在消息流中向用户表明广告。“Your encrypted messages stay private and no one else can read them. Not WhatsApp, not Facebook, nor anyone else,” the WhatsApp blog post said. WhatsApp在博客中回应:“您的信息仍不会被加密并维持偷窥,没有人(还包括 WhatsApp、Facebook或其他人)可以加载内容。“We won’t post or share your WhatsApp number with others, including on Facebook, and we still won’t sell, share, or give your phone number to advertisers.”我们会与还包括Facebook在内的其他平台分享或公布您的WhatsApp电话号码,我们亦会将您的电话号码出售、获取给广告商,或与其分享。