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本文摘要:A new ‘paparazzi-proof’ scarf could be a game-changer for celebrities who prefer to shy away from the limelight.眼下,一款新式的“以防狗仔”围巾早已沦为名人们逃离偷窥的致胜法宝。

A new ‘paparazzi-proof’ scarf could be a game-changer for celebrities who prefer to shy away from the limelight.眼下,一款新式的“以防狗仔”围巾早已沦为名人们逃离偷窥的致胜法宝。The ISHU scarf is the brainchild of Dutch-born fashion entrepreneur Saif Siddiqui and is designed to ‘give people their right to privacy back’.ISHU系列的围巾是由荷兰本土时尚创业家赛义夫西迪基发明者,他的想法是“将隐私送给人们”。A host of celebrities including Cameron Diaz, singer Joe Jonas, Bayern Munich footballer Jerome Boateng and music producer Major Lazer have worn the ISHU after it was spotted at London Fashion Week last year.自从去年ISHU产品在伦敦时装周亮相,还包括卡梅隆·迪亚兹、歌手乔·琼纳斯、拜仁慕尼黑的足球运动员热罗姆博阿滕和音乐人组Major Lazer在内的一众知名人士都已争相出售。



It works by reflecting the light back into a camera, effectively becoming an ‘invisibility cloak’ for celebrities who don’t want their photo taken.这种围巾通过把光线光线返镜头,协助那些并想被照片的名人顺利“伪装”。Anyone wearing the scarf is protected from mobile flash photography, with the fashion accessory’s fabric effectively blocking out any unwanted pictures, although it doesn’t stop no-flash photographs from being taken.这件时尚服饰的面料能有效地替你挡掉任何不想的照片,老大你伪装于手机闪光灯之下,但要是对方没进闪光灯,那它就无能为力了。The 28-year-old Siddiqui was inspired while visiting family in Amsterdam in 2009 when his friends attempted to take a photo of him using an iPhone in front of some bikes.28岁的西迪基是在2009年去往阿姆斯特丹造访亲戚的旅途中受到灵感的,当时他的朋友们想用苹果手机给他拍电影张照片,而他们正好车站在一些自行车前。“He noticed that the bike’s reflector manipulated the flash of his mobile camera in a way that obscured the faces of his friends in the picture,” the ISHU website explains.ISHU网站上说:“他注意到自行车的后视镜所折射出的光线,使得朋友们的脸在手机拍得的照片中显得模糊不清。


”“He immediately realised that if developed into the right product, this feature would be an ideal solution for his friends and [is] now available to the public who want to keep their private moments in public private.“他立马意识到,这种原理如果应用于到适合的产品中,就能沦为人们在公开场合维护隐私的理想解决问题方法。”“Saif put together a team of experts who dug into the science of light and reflection, and how to blend technology with fashion.”“于是,赛义夫马上开会了一群专家,一起钻研光线和光线的科学,以及如何将这种技术带入时尚。”He told Decoded Magazine: “The ISHU scarf effectively allows an individual to control what pictures and videos are taken of them.他在拒绝接受《Decoded》杂志专访时,说:“ISHU围巾让个人有效地掌控了被照片视频的主动权。


”“There are no more unwanted pictures and videos on Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook! Everyone carries a phone with them nowadays that has an amazing camera. So, it all made sense to me.”“这样一来,在即时通讯软件Snapchat、照片共享软件Instagram或社交网站Facebook上,就会再有不情不愿被拍到的照片或视频!当今社会,完全人手一只自带强劲摄影功能的手机。所以,ISHU围巾的问世也就顺理成章了。

”More ISHU products are set to launch in August, with mobile phone cases set to launch in the next few weeks.今年八月,将不会有更加多ISHU产品面世,接下来几周该系列的手机壳就要推向市场。The ISHU is currently sold out but you can pre-order it online for £289.ISHU产品现销售一空,但你可以在官网上预计,预售价为289英镑。